What is the clinic club?

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Learn from quality fellow practitioners while enjoying a pleasant meal! The Detroit Dental Clinic Club is a regional center for quality professional enrichment. The Club was founded to promote learning, teaching, and leadership in clinical dentistry. Learning by planning a series of quality continuing education experiences. Teaching by planning clinical presentations for lecture and publication. Leadership by planning a future vision, a current mission, and strategic goals to reach them.

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The Detroit Dental Clinic Club is not just another place to get some continuing education credit. I have found this Club to be a place where I can get together with colleagues, many of whom have become friends over the years, and share experiences and knowledge in a very open and comfortable manner.

I have also noticed mentorship relationships that have developed among members. I don’t know of any other local venue where this is possible. I urge you to help us continue the wonderful legacy of this Club by attending our meetings and to invite a fellow dentist as a guest.

– Dr. James Steward Jr., DDCC President • 2011 — 2012

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What is the Detroit Dental Clinic Club?

The Detroit Dental Clinic Club was founded in 1914 by eight prominent dentists in southeastern Michigan to promote high standards of dental science, art and literature; to provide mutual improvement among dentists; and to contribute to the advancement of the dental profession.  Among the eight founding members were deans of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, and presidents of both the American and the Michigan Dental Associations.  For nearly a century, the Club has been a training ground for new clinicians, essayists and leaders in dentistry.


Programs with outside speakers touch a wide variety of subjects involving professional growth in clinical and practice management areas as well as personal and interpersonal development. Speakers for section programs have included dentists, physicians, psychologists, attorneys, accountants, economists, computer specialists, ergonomic engineers and manufacturing representatives.  Recent speakers have included Dr. Mark Murphy (Laboratory Dentistry), Dr. John Farah (CAD/CAM Dentistry), Dr. Dennis Fasbinder (Dentistry in a Digital World), Mr. Robert Gittleman (Dental Malpractice) and Glenn Lombardi (Web Site Design).

Membership in the Detroit Dental Clinic Club provides unique opportunities for professional growth. By meeting and working with outstanding clinicians at Club meetings, members grow both personally and professionally. This sharing of innovative ideas and clinical techniques is a practical approach to problem solving in dental practice. They are also opportunities to consult with peers on a one-to-one basis enhancing their own knowledge and skills.

We invite you to browse our website to learn more about the Detroit Dental Clinic study club. For more information on membership or to attend a meeting, please contact the membership Secretary Dr. Oliver Marcotte (248-426-0011).