What are membership benefits?

Learn by demonstrating. The member is encouraged to share their experiences with others in the club by presenting mini clinics. Members find this to be the very best way to learn.

Clinic Club Member Activities

LEARN from renowned clinicians and expert speakers (programs)

EXAMINE challenging clinical and management topics (discussion)

ANALYZE scientific writings in dental literature (study)

DISCUSS treatment planning and restorative options (consultation)

EVALUATE new materials and procedures in hands-on workshops (practice)

RESEARCH to differentiate science, opinion, and hyperbole (evaluation)

SHARE knowledge through clinics, lectures, and publications (presentation)


Clinic Club Benefit Stages

Search for ever-expanding professional knowledge

Early Years: Clinical excellence and Management skills

  • Compare clinical ideas and experience
  • Learn new methods to enhance clinical skills
  • Have an opportunity to vent at times

Middle Years: Philosophical excellence and Lifestyle skills

  • Philosophy of learned optimism; come to grips with lifestyle issues
  • Create a positive future for yourself, staff, family, and patients
  • Positive attitude helps us absorb knowledge much faster

Later Years: Philanthropic excellence and Charitable skills

  • Validate the importance of a positive professional lifestyle
  • Mutually reflect on the positive aspects of our careers
  • Contribute to the advancement of our profession

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